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Ok so my grandparents are over and we’re deciding on what to do today and my grandpa recommended shrinky-dinks. And then my sweet, innocent, 5’8” grandma shouted out:


Knitted fungus

These amazing knitted fungus, truly inspired by real mushrooms, are the result of extraordinary creative work of Leigh Martin, a fiber artist and nature enthusiast residing in Central Oklahoma (US).

Photos (top to bottom):

1. Parrot fungi

2. Clavaria zollingeri

3. Turkey tail

4. Anemone stinkhorn

5. Caesar’s mushroom

6. Jack-o’-lantern mushroom 


“you don’t look depressed though”

oh yeah sorry i forgot to bring my literal dark cloud with me today



The thing that sucks about mental illness is that if you aren’t depressed enough, suicidal enough, bad enough, nobody cares. Nobody cares until you reach their standard, and that standard is when your problem is bad enough to effect them

The amount of people who can relate to this makes me equally incredibly sad and immensely angry